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IBO - Initial Bank Offering - new business model that mitigates risks for investors, by giving control over their assets!


CFB is the digital asset of CryptoFundBank

Buy now - CFB price increase :

Amount: 100000 - CFB released

0 CFB / 100000 CFB
0% target raised
1 CFB = 0.06 USD

All in one fintech platform

Our mission is to make both the fiat and crypto currencies easy accessible for the vast majority of people !

Our goal is to create a user-friendly, comfortable and secure all in one fintech platform for communication, earning and trading.

We are those, who do the new step in Blockchain era, building the world’s first messenger bank for the cryptocurrency, as well as for traditional money.

No middleman, no fees, easy and super fast transaction.

$ 100

Billion USD excepted revenue of coins by 2021


Million potential clients worldwide


No borders for international payments

10 X

Faster transaction speed

What is IBO ?

An Initial Bank Offering (IBO), also commonly referred to as an ICO/IEO/STO, is a fundraising mechanism in which bank projects sell their underlying digital assets.

    It's somewhat similar to an Initial Public Offering ( IPO ) in which investors purchase shares of a company. IBOs are a relatively new phenomenon but have quickly become a dominant topic of discussion within the blockchain community.

    Hence, the IBO, utilized by the Cryptofundbank, is a new mechanism that is created according with the new legal frameworks and also gives the technological control of the investors over their assets via form of the digital asset .


October 2018
Idea creation
Concept development and website launch
Total Digital Asset
April 2019
Exchange trading platform release
Investment launch and asset tranfers
Total Market Capitalization
August 2019
Affiliate - referral program
rewards system release
Rewards amount 100 000 000
January 2020
Advertisement platform
Advertisement Capitalization
March 2020
Multi Wallet
Money transfers globally Cryptocurrency&Fiat
Crypto&Fiat Capitalization
June 2020
DAPP messenger/ chatbots
Charitable foundation
Planned donations
November 2020
Bank license/ Visa-Master cards
10, 000, 000, 000
CryptoFundBank Capitalization

CFB Asset Sale&Distribution

You can buy the IBO cryptofundbank digital asset CBF with the popular FIAT and cryptocurrencies.

Unlike many ICO’s, STOs and new crypto-projects, that gives the tokens, that one can’t sell, cryptofundbank has its own native exchange, where you can sell the token for other FIAT and cryptocurrencies.

During the IBO crowdfunding the tokens value will rise and therefore early bird investors will have the oppurtunity to sell the token with a slight advantage. The first asset price start’s from 0.01 $ = 1 CFB . After every 15 days the asset price will rise per 0.01 $

Total Token Distribution

Token Sales Graph

Secured IBO Roi up to 53 %

Cryptofundbank offers different type of investment packages and benefits.

Choose the investment plan, make deposit and whait till it grows !
Start building your financial future and earn - with weekly, monthly and yearly automated payments to shareholder account .

Secured Platinum

USD 10000
  • Share CFB 100000
  • Period 365 days
  • Yearly ROI USD 5214
  • Monthly ROI USD 435
  • Weekly ROI USD 100

Secured Gold

USD 5000
  • Share CFB 50000
  • Period 270 days
  • Yearly ROI USD 2086
  • Monthly ROI USD 174
  • Weekly ROI USD 40

Secured Bronze

USD 2000
  • Share CFB 20000
  • Period 180 days
  • Yearly ROI USD 521
  • Monthly ROI USD 43
  • Weekly ROI USD 10

Secured Silver

USD 500
  • Share CFB 5000
  • Period 120 days
  • Yearly ROI USD 104
  • Monthly ROI USD 9
  • Weekly ROI USD 2

Guaranteed IBO - ROI up to 70 %

Get Up to 70% with a free CFB payment card and products discounts.

There will be an opportunity to sell the digital assets on the market and get profit instantly.

Investments will bring profit for everyone because more investments mean larger CFB asset value !

Platinum Guaranteed

USD 15000
  • Share CFB 150000
  • Period 550 days
  • ROI $ 10500
  • Product discount 70 %
  • Free CFB Visa/Master card

Gold Guaranteed

USD 8000
  • Share CFB 80000
  • Period 450 days
  • ROI $ 4000
  • Product discount 50 %
  • Free CFB Visa/Master card

Bronze Guaranteed

USD 4000
  • Share CFB 40000
  • Period 350 days
  • ROI $ 1500
  • Product discount 30 %
  • Free CFB Visa/Master card

Silver Guaranteed

USD 1000
  • Share CFB 10000
  • Period 250 days
  • ROI $ 200
  • Product discount 10 %
  • Free CFB Visa/Master card

The official documentation

Our goal is to shape the future of the fintech industry and bring dreams into reality.

Meet our team

The CryptoFundBank team gathers all types of specialists necessary for the accomplishment of its mission. We are ready to take on any challenge.


Aivar Reinberg


Jevgenij Filipov


Austris Eglits


Team Member

Krisjan Jekabson

Designer/ Developer

Olga Kirinko

Support/ Manager

Julia Rubcov

People Operations

Mike Braun

Marketing/ Analyst

Dmitry Korotuk

Public relationship

Lauri Piterson

Project Manager

Linda Pirvit

Product Manager

Elita Kazain


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The world is moving on, and this movement encompasses all aspects of our life. Mobile technologies changed the way of communication between people. Digital currency changed our financial system and, moreover, the essence of currency, its notion. Development continues, and Cryptofundbank DAPP is one more step forward. Stay tuned ! 

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Our goal is to shape the future of the fintech industry and bring dreams into reality.

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