Earn 1,000,000 $ with Cryptofundbank referral program & Bounty

admin 29th, October 2019
Earn 1,000,000 $  with Cryptofundbank referral program & Bounty

There are 1 000 000 $ CFB assets provided for Cryptofundbank rewards for affiliate and Bounty Program.

Our referral program was launched to reward the most passionate members of our community. Probably you have your own website, social media page or any other media resource. If yes, you can use special unique reference link in your cabinet after registration in Cryptofundbank. Copy the link and share it with your contacts or friends on different platforms to get bonuses.


Everyone, who will click it, will be redirected to Cryptofundbank website and you will get 10 % for every new contact. Yes, you can earn just for making connections!


There are different ways how to participate in our program and get bonuses:


        Invite anyone who wishes to invest in the project

        Promote us by writing about ICO in your blog

        Publish a referral link in social media, forums, and communities

        Run contextual advertising, while using your referral link


Cryptofundbank bounty program was created with the objective of rewarding members of our community who raised awareness about Cryptofundbank project. To receive bounty, you must participate until the end of the IBO. The final list of the participants will be available and rewards distributed 10 days after the IBO ends.